Riaan Barnard

Founder and director of Statspro, Riaan lives in Cape Town with his family. He has coached rugby at school & club levels and has also completed a coaching stint in Japan. Riaan makes the most of the scenic beauty of the Cape by running and cycling in his free time.

Johan "Pottie" Potgieter

Pottie has worked himself up in the business, starting as a part time employee and now finds himself as the operations manager of Statspro. Since giving up a career as a civil engineer, Pottie is adding massive value to the business. He is based in Johannesburg

Shaun Lewis

Shaun joined our staff fresh out of ETA as a fulltime rugby coder and analyst. His positive attitude and good work ethic has made him a valuable member of the team.

Adrie Brand

Adrie work's in the Cape Town office and heads up the player's Visual CV department. He is an avid playstation gamer and enjoys fixing cars in his down time.